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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Fall of Soka Gakkai: Father of Al Quhaida

This is going to be a bit controversial. So let's begin by stating that this is my hypothesis. Now look up the meaning of hypothesis [An educated guess based on study and field experience].
Al Q Baton Rouge Branch used to send it's newly arrived from Egypt-Saudia-et. al. to Soka Gakkai Meetings to learn how to recruit. How do I know? I was there.
I have covered the fall of Gakkai to Singapore first and the rise of al Quhaida is at the end.
In 1989 Ikeda initiated the "all members will now get into politics Master Desciple campaign". He "encouraged", [encouraged-encouragement and guidance are words that actually carry the meaning of "ordered to do" - in the sense of  "an offer you can't refuse" as in the "Godfather" movies.
They do not carry the American sense of the words which give the impression that one has an option not to comply. In the same vein the words "take responsibility" in English mean to be responsible for seeing whatever it is runs on time -has been set up correctly-as in a meeting. In the Japanese vernacular it means take responsibility for your boss or companies corruption up to and including committing suicide for their  mistakes-in other words be the fall guy-the guy who falls on his sword for the company.]  Ikeda encouraged all Gakkai members to get involved in their countries politics at all levels from knocking on doors to running for president. There was only one problem -the Priests at Tai Seki Ji- the head Nichiren Temple.
In Japan at that time, if you wanted to run an organization like Soka Gakkai -Kometoh [the political wing] you had to be sponsored by a religion or other powerful entity. The priests were not going along with all the changes that Gakkai wanted to make.  Gakkai was trying to take over the priesthood so it could operate without hindrance.  In that plan Gakkai had purchased an old monastery in California that came with a license to ordain priests.  They called it an English language school.  But they failed to get the proper licensing ; which would have required them to give up the ordaining of priests license. The LA Times was all over this but it missed the part about why the Gakkai wanted to keep the licence to ordain priests. Gakkai was slowing replacing all the Nichiren Priests with newly minted Gakki priests throughout the world leaving the Nichiren Priests virtually under house arrest in Japan. The Nichiren had no real proof. Until on his way to DESY in Hamburg the phycist Dr. Lim Jit Ning of Singapore, discovered in the LA Times the small article asking the question: Why doesn't Gakki just get the correct licensing? Dr. Lim knew exactly why. That night with a print out of the article, in his pocket, he had dinner with the Head Priest of Myogyoji Temple in West Chicago. The Priest was upset because the Gakkai leaders from downtown Chicago had been threatening him with the loss of his job if he didn't accede to thier demands. 
At Myogyoji for dinner that night Dr. Lim pulled out the article and showed it to the priest pointing out that Gakkai was ordaining their own priesthood to replace him and others from the head temple. That night the Head Priest was on a plane to Japan. He asked Dr. Lim to come to the airport, an make sure he got on the plane. After a kidnap attempt by Downtown Gakkai Yakuza, hulking Japanese men with tattoos and black suits, was thwarted at the airport by Dr. Lim and a surprised airport policeman, the Head Priest was safely on his way. The next morning the Soka Gakkai was excommunicated from the Nichiren. That afternoon the Kometoh Political party that had been ruling Japan with it's veto power was asked to vacate its offices. As it no longer had religious backing. The Banks which the Gakkai had been taking out loans to build Kaikans [social centers where people could come to pray and have meetings -all dedicated to Daisaku Ikeda and Gakkai] including the purchase of Queen Elizabeth the 1st's home in England Taplow Court and a mansion in Florida on Key Biscayne next to the ex-President Nixon's Mansion for visiting Japanese Gakki Leadership. The Banks called in their loans because Gakkai was no longer a sponsored entity. Gakkai was the first domino to fall. 20 years later Japan is just beginning to recover it's economy.
The Gakkai version of the religion was decidedly different from the religious practice Nichiren had set up. Gakkai wanted the priest to preach the Gakkai version of the religion. He refused. The Gakkai has sent people to beat his wife, had left a bomb in a large bag in the main chanting hall, had tortured the priest, just as if they had been in Japan and not in Chicago. The priest was not even aware that he could leave the Temple grounds. Gakkai had told him he would be deported if he did. He had been there 6 years and never left the grounds. Totally dependant on Gakkai members, who spied and reported on him, for their food- indeed for everything.
Nichiren was a far right wing thinker who believed he was supposed to over throw the Shogunate and that he was a direct descendant of the Goddess Amaterasu Omikami, thus in line to be an Emperor. He didn't want the Japanese to leave Japan, for expansion. He wanted to build on the water like they did in Venice Italy. Not that he was ever taught about Venice. Where as Gakkai was preaching that the Ikeda was the reincarnation of Nichiren and therefor a god to be obeyed. As well they were keeping the Gak members ignorant of the roll of the priests to the point that few knew there even were any priests and those members were given the distinct impression the priests were only there for ceremonies and the Japanese speaking ex-pats. In reality the Nichiren were preaching a moderate version of Buddhism and had left the right wing behind. Gakkai emphasized the fascist aspects of the religion. The buildings Gakkai had built on land surrounding the Temple at Tai seki ji gave the impression that Gakkai was in charge, it wasn't.  The Gak buildings looked like concentration camps was the general quote from European members visiting the head Temple.     Visiting the Temple was free as was worshiping, but Gakkai made it's members pay exprbitant fees for every little thing and bussed them off immediately after so they never found out about everything being free.  In the Gakkai community centers the Japanese were given free legal aide and many other free things that the foreign members were never told about, never offered, and the foreign members were over charged for everything they did or were required to purchase. 
Daisaku Ikeda, for all intents and purposes the leader and master of the Gakkai in it's many named incarnations; used to stress was the Master Desciple Relationship-what we would call Master-Slave relationship of the worst kind; was to ask people what their favorite books were. And use those books against them. To know favorite books gives great insight into a personality. The way someone will react or act. These were the days before the Internet. Abu Ali, for all intents and purposes leader of AQ BR took the idea a step farther and had his people adopt the names of their favorite characters. He then had false photo identification printed in those names so his people could move easily around the US. Doing their business. If any of them were caught-the theory was - as soon as the person was released on bond they could disappear under their real names. Hence you had Japanese politicians kids called Akira, physics students called ShahJahan from the 1001 nights, Chinese architectural students called Red Sonja-Sonja R. ; for the African Americans who ran the drug delivery end of the BR-AQ like "Avon" calling, to the religious Middle Eastern men. D. Ikeda's favorite book was The "Water Margin" he arranged most of his strategy's by that book. It's a story of freedom fighters in the mountains. Look it up in Wikipedia. When these students came together they only knew each other by their fantasy names. A safe guard for AQ. D. Ikedas second favorite book was "From Frogs to Princes" a guide to using Neurolinguistic Programming: for Professional Psychiatrists. This book he made mandatory study every morning after exercises for all his employees and highest leaders. I knew some employees in Tokyo and lots of leaders. Indeed my ex was a leader. NLP-Neuro linguistic programming is basically stage hypnotism. The book is written by two stage hypnotists from Utah. NLP is supposed to be used as a last resort for dangerous prisoners as a back door into the mind to get them settled down long enough to get them into a jail cell without hurting anyone. They are not going to give you permission to hypnotize them, so you go in the back way when they don't know what you're doing. This kind of hypnotism does not last very long and has to be reinforced on a daily basis if you are going to use it as a tool, the way Gakkai or BRAQ [Baton Rouge al Quhaida] does. Gakkai simply wants to implant its own politicians in it's own Gakkai Party worldwide who will do Gakkais bidding (It's called National Socialism). The reinforcement is called "guidance" and is received by the hypnotised every day as a semi-religious practice. The religious practice being a leg numbing 30 minute chanting cycle, morning and evening. Followed by guidance. Either on the phone from leaders or in daily guidance books printed by the Gakkai Worldwide Publishing Monster. I know it sounds like any religion. It's supposed to. That keeps you off balance. There's a 20 year plan in place that's been in place for about 60 years now. At first all Japanese members were encouraged to marry foreigners and get those foreigners to run for high political positions in their governments. That didn't work out. So in the 1980's Gakkai who had placed it's loyal supporters in positions of secretary's and middle men thruout the UN as well as being a politically powerful NGO [non governmental organization] within the UN [United Nations] proposed in a speech to the UN by Ikeda that the UN pass resolutions : that everyone in the world give up all their weapons and make the Soka Gakkai a peace keeping army for the ecosystem. Only the Gakkai Army would carry weapons and they would make sure that no one in the world polluted the ecosystem. If a company polluted they would be taken over by Gakkai loyalists and the owners disappeared. Of course Ikeda used obfuscatory [foggy] words to explain this. There would be, he said a small contingent of UN soldiers sent round the world to quell hot spots when they arose. But basically the only people who would be allowed to have weapons were the Gakkai Eco Army. That didn't go over real well either.
Gakkai has instituted another plan in the last 20 years. Raise up a member and run him for president, one office at a time like Ronald Reagan's Consortium did. After the man becomes President {and we are talking in all nations of the world not just one} after achieving high office PM or President. The man will govern for a first term. During that term Gakkai will form an amorphous political party with an appropriate patriotic name and run some of its own candidates to get rid of any opposition to their man. In the second term, if he gets one, the party with the patriotic name will solidify, codify, become a real party, and the President will announce he has decided to join that party and leave the conventional parties behind. This during his second term so he still has years to go as a member of the new party. If he doesn't get a second term the new party will start to run its own people. Anyone in the new party who doesn't want to be part of the Gakkai movement [run top down militaristic] is free to leave. It's allot like trying to get off a Tiger you're riding in a parade. The people are not giving you obeisance because of your power -they're afraid of the Tiger you're riding. So that's the latest Gakkai plan that's been running since 1990. I noticed there's a new political party in England formed around January last year by leaders of the Soka Gakkai in England. Headed by the film maker who made the docudrama on the Yellowstone Caldera Exploding. Good man, well meaning guy-I met him once at Tai Seki Ji. Wake up -stop taking guidance for a week- and return to your self. I know -no one likes to entertain the idea that they might be hypnotized- does anyone remember subliminal advertising - buying things you really didn't want and didn't need because an advertiser flashed a photo of it between cells in a film. It happens. No one is immune. There's no law against it in Japan. There's no law against putting it in video games. Or on tv so half the kids in the country have epileptic fits watching their favorite manga. Al Quhaida took notice of how things went. Usama's favorite books are Isaac Asimov's Trilogy. According to his cousin Abu Ali. When ever someone leaves BRAQ a couple of things happen. 1. They don't want to leave. 2. BRAQ wants them to go home and form a third column. 3. So they bankrupt the person and wreck his car. No money No transportation. 4. All along they have told the student that he didn't have to show up for classes because they had someone in the foreign Student Office covering him. [maybe-maybe not]. 5. They send the student on one last mission sometimes gruesome; depending on how hard it is to get the guy to go home. 6. After the mission is completed [usually washing money from the drug operation] someone will accidentally rear end him wrecking his car. When he gets home he receives a notice from the Foreign Student department telling him he didn't show up for enough classes to qualify to stay, his visa is ended he has to go home. And to top it off, while he was out on mission, his apartment was robbed of everything of value and trashed. In Abu Ali's group by the manager of the building who had a key. 7. The guy then has to borrow money to get home. So he goes to Abu Ali and asks for one last mission. That's when he gets told he has to pay for the damage to the rental car if he was driving a rental. And he has to pay for all the drugs he's been partying with the whole time. He usually thinks they were free. But they weren't it seems. Also he has to pay for all the little extras he thought came with the job. Like the photo at the top of the Ferris Wheel they made him take to prove he actually did make the drop at 6 Flags over Texas. Everything has to be paid for and it's a lot of money. So sorry no loans to get home. Then just as the guy is about to go over the bridge... someone -usually the 2d in command whom everyone thought was just a doctoral student hanging around-an older guy- pudgy-Pakistani in BRAQs case- whose parents lived in Paris- steps in -makes him a loan just enough to get home. And says the immortal words: You don't have to pay anything I will take care of it BUT someday I may ask you to do a favor and you cannot deny me. That's the deal. And if you want to come back to school I can arrange for you to come back after a year thru UC Davis in Calif. [the AQ tunnel funnel]. So save your money this year for school. Don't tell anyone what happened to you. Just say you're coming home for a semester or two because you got hurt in a car wreck. Get yourself cleaned up from the drugs. I can give you the address of a mosque that can help. Come back to school next year and I'll give you a job to help pay for the trip home loan. 8. When time comes for the favor older educated men who would ask questions are given pieces and parts to perform they never know what the whole project is. Rarely are they asked to do a suicide. That would involve too much "guidance NLP" . Younger men -boys are easier prey for the NLP- Guidance. Hitler wrote it all down in Mein Kampf, in the How to get kids to be bombs chapter. So like a virus it springs from the dirt-mutating into something - Recognizable. WAKE UP! and stop taking guidance for a week. Go back to class. Get with a different group. Talk to people that are not AQ or Gakkai. You don't owe AQ anything. Take a deep breath of fresh air and Wake up. You are the master of your fate and your destiny. You make your own Karma and you pay for it. Time to start filling the good Karma bank again.

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