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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do as thou wilt; that thee do no evil and harm none

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Just a note: Googles motto is Do no Evil-  that's not the old Hippocratic oath doctors used to take. The Hippocratic [Hippocrates] oath said Don't Harm Anyone, teach other doctors children how to be doctors and don't charge other doctors children for your services.
The Do no Evil  oath was invented and used by Alistar Crowley the great 666 who practiced The Golden Dawn.  He got it on his trip to Japan. He and his group went day hiking in the Japanese Alps; were stranded by a sudden snow storm and he ate his followers until they were rescued. The Japanese deported them since they hadn't eaten any Japanese. The rule of the land [Japan] then and now is this: Do anything you want to-just don't be so blatant about it that we have to enforce the law.  Crowley codified that into : Do as thou wilt; that thee do no evil and harm none.  Most people only hear the  Do as thou Wilt [will] part; in other words do what you want. Very few people these days continue the entire codification "that thee do no Evil and harm none."
(C) 10 6 2011 Eden Mountbatten-Lim-  nom de plume Beth Bally

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