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Monday, September 28, 2009

Now we know why the library at Alexandria burneD

Now we know why the library at Alexandria burned.
the Copyright Office requires a copy of your manuscript be left with them. Google has written this in the case before you as the definition of a "book" which allows them to call it previously published when some manuscripts have never been published or are waiting to be edited and published, such as mine. Authors and artists should not be punished for adhereing to government requirements and submitting a copy. Google should not be allowed to steal our body of works and make profit from them by this convoluted definition, they have come up with to profit themselves at the expense of so many others... my own Cprs have been downloaded and sold already and I have not received a a cent for my work. As to the governmental work it should never have gone out on the net in the first place. It has put us all in mortal danger that we cannot adequately deal with. Google should have to pay for all the damage it has caused. Here so filed. Eden Elisazbeth Mountbatten

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