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Friday, September 11, 2009

Google Library theft of unpublished manuscripts

We will Kill America with it's own greed... Usama bin Laden

Here is the GOG you've been waiting for.....

The copyright office requires that you send them a copy of your work before they will grant you a copyright. Google in it's law suit defines "a book" as any collection of paper or digitized... that literally makes the copy required by the copyright office into a "book" by definition. If it has never been published, if you are planning to publish, if you just wanted to let your children inherit the copyrights and publish your biography... as a "book" defined by google it now belongs to them to sell in their online stores... to download for a fee... and you have to pay to subscribe to the library. They are especially interested in in unpublished manuscripts... why?
If you have not published in the time it takes the LOC to get your copyright out, Google takes it and sells it as a book, as ancillary products and you get not a cent for your lifes work.
Who would buy a book if they could get it virtually from a library?

Anything that has ever been registered with the Library of Congress, a copyright in the US Library of Congress has been given to Google to sell repeatedly. Authors get a one time payment of $60 for each original work which they have to divide among publishers, children who inherit, and anyone else who helped on the book.

were you planning on selling your life works and leaving the copyrights to your children? Google will give you 15$ -$60 which you have to split with them...
then google will sell your unpublished works by charging for downloads of your book... no one ever has to buy it from you... it's in the international library Unedited with all the libel suits just waiting to happen...

THE Library OF CONGRESS was supposed to be a safe repository until the author decided to publish . The publisher is a check and balance that runs the manuscript thru its legal department and takes out libelous things, actual names characters are based on and removes things that would harm the common good... like bomb designs and nuclear reactors. The reason we copyrighted was so we would be less likely to get stolen.
The LOC is the Research Arm of the Congress.
If you steal my life's work and sell it in downloads that's grand theft. Stolen property has to be returned... you don't get to make a profit.

Google Book Settlement Page 2 of 8
A "Book" is a written or printed work that meets the following three conditions on or before January 5,2009:
• It was published or distributed to the public or made available on sheets of paper bound together in hard copy form for public access under the authorization of the work's U.S. copyright owner; and
It was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, UNLESS the work is not a "United States work" under the U.S. Copyright Act, in which case such registration is not required; and
It is subject to a U.S. copyright interest (either through ownership, joint ownership, or an exclusive license) implicated by a use authorized, or for which compensation could be payable, by the Settlement.

"Cash Payments" are payments that Google will make for works it has digitized on or before May 5,2009 as follows:

For Principal Works, Entire Inserts, and Partial Inserts that Google digitized on or before May 5, 2009, Google will pay at least US$6o per Principal Work, US$15 per Entire Insert, and US$5 per Partial Insert. If you are the only rightsholder of the Principal Work or Insert, then you will receive the entire Cash Payment for that work. If, however, other Rightsholders also have valid claims to the same Principal Work or Insert - for example, a claim by the publisher (if you are an author or heir), by the author (if you are a publisher), by your co-author or co-heir, or by the publisher of the paperback edition of a book (if you are the publisher of the hard back edition) - then the Cash Payment may need to be shared according to the Plan of Allocation and the Author-Publisher Procedures.
Only one Cash Payment will be made per Principal Work, Entire Insert or Partial Insert regardless of the number of times that Google has digitized the Principal Work or Insert and regardless of the number of books in which the Principal Work or Insert appears. If, for example, a paperback edition of a book digitized by Google does not contain additional or different copyrightable expression as compared to a hard cover edition digitized by Google that contains the same Principal Work, only one Cash Payment for the Principal Work will be made even if the soft cover and hard cover editions have different ISBNs.
If a Cash Payment is made for a book, then no additional Cash Payment will be made for any portions of the book that are used as Inserts. Therefore, a rightsholder may claim a Cash Payment either for the Principal Work or for any part of the Principal Work that is Protected Expression that constitutes an Entire Insert or Partial Insert in any other book, but not both.
To receive a Cash Payment, you must, on or before January 5, 2010, claim an eligible book or Insert using the Claim Form. Other than filing the Claim Form, there is nothing you need to do at this time.
Commercial Availability
A book is Commercially Available if, at the time in question, the rightsholder of the book, or the rightsholder's designated agent, is offering the book for sale new through one or more then-customary channels of trade in the United States.
If a book is designated as Commercially Available then Google will not be authorized to make any Display Uses of the book unless a rightsholder of the book gives express permission to do so. If a book is designated as not Commercially Available, then Google will be able to make all Display Uses of the book unless a rightsholder of the book instructs Google to exclude the book from one or more Display Uses.

Confident means that you are confident that rights in the book have not reverted to the author (based, e.g., on the type of book or type of contract for the book). Books that were published in categories or by imprints that generally did not have reversions, but as to which you may not be reviewing individual book contracts but as to which you are nevertheless confident that rights have not reverted, may be claimed in this category. Books claimed using this assertion of rights are not eligible for a Cash Payment, and you cannot remove these books without becoming "highly confident", but you can exclude them from any Display Use (for good cause articulated, in the case of not

Exactly who after all the subsidiarys have been weeded out...who owns Google? The bin Ladens?or Saudia?

http://www.googlebooksettlement.com/help/bin/answer.py?answer=l 18722&hl=en 9/11/2009

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